Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Name Game

Be wary of the fatal mistake that will quickly leave you on the losing side of first impressions...mispronouncing or misspelling a name. A name is not just a label; it is a reference to our personal history, achievements, and values. When you dismiss the importance of correctly spelling or pronouncing an individuals' name, you dismiss the importance of their identity. The good news is that this mistake can be easily avoided.

Before contacting a potential client or employer, take the time to browse their website. There should be an area, in "Contact Us," "Staff," or "Our Team," that will list the names and positions of the people within that organization. Find the name of the contact you are interested in, and be sure to note the correct spelling of their name for future correspondence. If it's available, note the contact's position, and try to do some research so that you will have a better understanding of their role within the company.

With just a little bit of leg work, you will start off on the right foot with your new contact, and you will be one step closer to a long lasting business relationship!

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