Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stepping into the Spotlight

If you are reading this blog of ours, then you've probably had the opportunity to check out our website. Ah hem, excuse me, I meant to say our AWARD WINNING WEBSITE!

For the second consecutive year, Escoe Bliss is the proud recipient of the Southern California Technical Communication Competition Spotlight award for excellence for web design. We would like to give a world of thanks to Pamela Coca, of Write On Communications, Laguna Niguel, California, for her spectacular design and development of the website. Pamela's expertise paired with the direction and collaboration from Adrienne Escoe and Jolynn Atkins produced our award winning website. Kudos to all!

On January 24th, our website team attended the STC Spotlight Awards Banquet and enjoyed a wonderful evening at Sarducci's Capistrano Depot ( This charming restaurant is located in the historic Santa Fe Depot of San Juan Capistrano and the sounds of the occasional train passing by only added to the exciting atmosphere.

While we are beyond thrilled and excited about this recent accomplishment of ours, we encourage you to keep checking back; new website updates coming soon! We look forward to utilizing the valuable feedback that we received from our judges and the continuous improvement of our award winning website!

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