Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cleaning Out Our Closets

Unemployment Rates Continue to Climb

The Recession Deepens

Families Struggle As Many are Laid Off

These are the headlines we have become all too familiar with during these uncertain times. These daily reminders are disheartening and scary, but today I am blogging to acknowledge the people and places that give me hope.

So let’s try some of these headlines on for size!

The Escoe Bliss Annual Spring Suit Drive produces 335 Items to Help At-risk Men and Women in the Orange County Community

The Working Wardrobes Day of Self-Esteem Events Give Hope and Opportunity to 240 Unemployed Local Men and Women in Crisis

Times are tough. This is not a new headline for any of us, but it is in the tough times that we learn the most about ourselves. These trying times will bring out either the best or the worst in people. The Annual Spring Suit Drive at Escoe Bliss certainly brought out the best.

The response from our community was steady and generous. Hanger after hanger came through our doors. Each hanger representing a renewed sense of hope for another.

Our first Give and Greet event took place on Wednesday, April 15th and it was a truly satisfying experience in so many ways. Stephanie and Andrew from The Upper Crust provided a lunch that was fit for kings. Their commitment to their clientele is evident in every aspect of their service; the careful presentation, the personal service, and the delicious food.

Mary Lou Torres, the manager of community relations at Working Wardrobes attended our luncheon and gave our guests the opportunity to learn about the difference that their donations would make in the lives of others.

By the time our week-long suit drive came to a close, we had four double-sided racks FULL of men’s and women’s professional clothing ; 22 women’s suits, 90 women’s tops, 30 women’s skirts, 14 men’s suits, 11 pairs of men’s slacks, and 6 men’s jackets. The tally continues on further, but I believe you get the picture.

Lastly, we could not have transported all of these suits, shirts, shoes over to Working Wardrobes without the help of Leon Atkins; who lent us his time and the use of his fabulously large truck!

If the Suit Drive keeps up this success and momentum, we may find ourselves in need of a bigger truck! What a wonderful problem that would be!

To everyone and anyone who donated clothing, contributed time, or helped spread the word; True sacrifice will never be easy, but it will always be beautiful. Thank you, for making our world a more beautiful place in these sometimes ugly times.

Orange County Professionals Combat Recession with Hope; Recession is No Match for the Human Spirit

My sincere thanks and gratitude,
Regina Gormanly
Suit Drive Coordinator

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