Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Scoop on Social Responsibility

Sitting at home on a Sunday evening watching the story of Ben & Jerry's on CNBC, I was inspired to blog. What is it about homemade ice cream that can be such an inspiration? Well of course there are "Cherry Garcia" and "Chunky Monkey" just to name a few of my favorites, but the real motivation for this blog was the message behind the ice cream, the value of social responsibility, whether it be as an individual or as a corporation. As a company, collectively Escoe Bliss volunteers and donates to the SoCal Barf meat locker, ASPCA, Working Wardrobes, Families Forward and more. We have all been so blessed, and still I find myself thinking where else can we give back? Recently I attended a global sourcing conference where a panelist touched on the topic of social responsibility and it was a true joy to see her face light up as she expressed her passion for the idea of its place in a corporate environment. As we approach the holiday season we are moved to increase our social contributions and are looking forward to hearing from you on how your employees and organization are opening your hearts and minds to becoming a leader in social responsibility. In the words of a brilliant business man and social awareness guru, "Business has a responsibility to give back to the community" - Ben

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