Monday, January 18, 2010

Why Use an e-Learning Consultant?

No matter how you spell it, e‑Learning or eLearning, one day you and your organization will need assistance with your Web‑based, performance‑improvement initiative. That is, you need to publish learning activities online. Whether you are new to e‑Learning or you need to add talent to an existing, in‑house team, you can add value to your project by working with an e-Learning consultant. In addition, a consultant brings several savings to your organization.

First, as you may know, hiring a new employee doesn’t always happen overnight. It takes time to:

  • Decide and describe the skills and qualifications the e-Learning professional must have.
  • Get an employment requisition approved internally.
  • Recruit and hire a full-time equivalent (FTE) addition to your staff.

By the time you bring a new employee on board, you may have lost two to three months of dedicated work on your e-Learning project. You can save time by using an e-Learning consultant.

Second, your organization can realize hard-dollar “savings” through what it won’t pay out in direct salary and fringe benefits. You don’t need to worry about paying for the e-Learning consultant’s benefits.

How Can Escoe Bliss Help You?

With over 15 years of leadership in consulting and workforce learning and performance, the professionals at Escoe Bliss have a large database of local talent at their fingertips. They can quickly assess your needs for an e-Learning consultant, and work within your organization’s budget. They can find the talent who will help you bring your e-Learning project to successful completion.

**Jenise Cook will be a featured blogger for the Escoe Bliss team throughout 2010. Jenise is a documentation design, e-learning development, and media production professional. You can look for her e-Learning related blogs on the 3rd Monday of every month. **

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