Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year = New Career! Part 1

Happy New Year to all! Good news! There is a buzz from the pipeline that contract, temp, and direct hire placements are on the rise. Are you ready for your new career? We will have a series of tips to get you geared up and ready to go! If you are not using social networking, start! Most recruiters and hiring managers are using social networking sites such as Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter in addition to the job boards to find talent. Today we are sharing the basics on how to get started on Linkedin.

Part 1 - Creating a Linkedin profile as an alternate resume to snag a new career or project

Profile Dos:
1. Complete your profile
2. Create an eye catching headline
3. Keep your profile up to date with current experience and projects
4. Edit your public profile to include your full name and add that link to your resume
5. Add at least 5 specialties to your experience and search criteria
6. Ask for at least 2 recommendations for each employer or project
7. Personalize your summary to show your character and personality

Profile Don'ts:
1. Add a profile picture that is NOT a professional representation of you
2. Post a web link of your work that is not live
3. Ignore your inbox (it could contain messages about a new opportunity)
4. Add too many past employers - keep it fresh and related to your current job search

Additional tips:
1. Change your profile status often in order to stay in the forefront of everyone's mind
2. Add a Word doc or pdf of your resume to your profile (use the Linkedin application)
3. Increase networking opportunities by joining Linkedin groups related to your search and community

You can view a sample profile here.

Hope this is a helpful tool for you to get started. Please feel free to post your questions below and we will respond accordingly.

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  1. Hi Adrienne, you might not remember me, but you'll remember JPL. I met you there. Thanks for the Linkedin profile advice, I updated mine to reflect my experience.

    Bill Sarkisian