Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Drilling Down for Operational Excellence: In Leaner Times, U.S. Businesses Scrutinize Policies & Procedures

In the wake of President Obama’s historic healthcare law—the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010—the U.S. hospital industry, for one, has had to take a closer look than ever before at operational effectiveness and efficiency. This year, Escoe Bliss has partnered with a world-class hospital in Los Angeles to deliver state-of-the-art Policy & Procedure training using the institution’s existing Policy and Procedure Management software. Escoe Bliss’ consultant Diana Berger has developed and facilitated a structured sequence of hands-on writing workshops tailored to students at all levels, from a wide range of departments. 

While many firms can send in a consultant who can simply write a policy or procedure document, Escoe Bliss has set out to provide something more. Our Excellence in Policies and Procedures program sets itself apart in three important ways:
  1. It is an entirely new approach to P&P writing, which actively engages personnel from different departments within a company.
  2. Our team of experts, lead by Diana Berger, can be architects (if called upon) to design an entire P&P hierarchy (either for the company as a whole, or a single department).
  3. Through this new approach we have developed turnkey training systems geared to the diverse backgrounds of a wide range of students from nearly every level in the organization.
When it comes to developmental work on policies and procedures, Escoe Bliss can service a company at any level.

Needless to say, the importance of reassessing current policies and procedures is not exclusive to the healthcare industry. In this challenging economic environment all organizations can benefit from a training program that enriches and revitalizes existing policies and procedures while, at the same time, drawing from the knowledge base and creativity of their current talent. 

To learn more about our workshops in policy and procedures excellence and the benefits of this program, please contact our office at 949.336.6444 or by email


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