Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Empowerment is Contagious this Fall!


How? Vaccinate yourself with community involvement and attend the Escoe Bliss Fall Suit Drive, Sept. 21st - Sept. 25th.

When you see a friend or family member struggling, what is the first thing you do? You ask them, "How can I help you?"

Why should it be any different when we see our community struggling? Why do we find it so much easier to turn a blind eye when assistance is needed on a larger scale? There are a variety of assumptions we tend to make:
"Someone else will step in."
"I'm not qualified."
"My effort alone won't make a significant difference."
"I'm too busy with my own problems."

Let's stop making assumptions and look at the facts:
"Someone else may step in, but success will be achieved so much faster if we can get as many people on board as possible."
"One of your own unique gifts may be that missing link and no one will know until you bring it to the table."
"Newton's Law: EVERY action has an equal and opposite reaction."
"Helping out can actually simplify your life (especially when it involves donating clothes that have just been taking up space in your closets)!"

Now that you're motivated, I've got a great idea for how you can get involved!
Support Working Wardrobes by contributing to the Fall Suit Drive!

1. Drop off gently worn work separates, suits and accessories (belts, jewelry, shoes, bags, ties, etc.) to Escoe Bliss headquarters in Irvine.
2. Rally your office colleagues to clean out their closets. Escoe Bliss will be happy to coordinate a pick up time and come to your office.
3. Ask your networking group or association to allow a drop off at your monthly meeting in September and Escoe Bliss will collect the donations and deliver them to Working Wardrobes.

In the spirit of building community, Escoe Bliss and BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse are teaming up and bringing back the Give and Greet Luncheon, Wednesday, September 23rd. On Wednesday, come to our office between the hours of 11:30 AM and 1:00 PM to drop off your donations and enjoy a complimentary lunch provided by BJ's in Irvine. Our Spring Give and Greet was a wonderful success! We filled up racks of clothing for Working Wardrobes and enjoyed lunch and camaraderie with fellow Orange County business professionals.

Now is the time to stop making excuses and get involved!

This is your chance to do three important things that we all need to do:
1) Empower others
2) Empower yourself
3) And for goodness sakes, clean out your closet!

A Special thanks to Working Wardrobes and BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse for all the good they do in our community!

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