Monday, March 1, 2010

Ambassador of the Month at the Irvine Chamber of Commerce

We are proud to announce that Jolynn Atkins, Manager of Business Development and Consulting Solutions at Escoe Bliss, has been designated Ambassador of the Month for January 2010 at the Irvine Chamber of Commerce! We look forward to reading more about Jolynn's accomplishment in the March edition of the Irvine Business Connection.

Jolynn has earned this distinction three times in the last twelve months! She is visibly active in various Irvine Chamber events. During any given week you may find Jolynn at a Ribbon Cutting ceremony for a new business joining the Irvine community, personally delivering new member plaques, volunteering at an Irvine Chamber event, or contributing to their committee planning process.

The Irvine Chamber of Commerce plays a significant role in encouraging business development and success in our community. They remain an available and valuable resource to the larger, established companies as well as the smaller, entrepreneurial start-ups. Business Week magazine named Irvine as one of the "20 Cities Best Suited to Withstand a Recession". A city, like Irvine, that remains strong during these turbulent times needs a strong support network and the Irvine Chamber of Commerce is the backbone of our business community.

It goes without saying that our community can attribute some of its success to the support it receives from the Irvine Chamber of Commerce and that the Irvine Chamber can attribute some of its success to those members who give their time passionately to their programs. It all works together in a continuous cycle of improvement; we give some of our time and resources to our community, our community encourages and fosters growth to others, others then prosper and give back as well, and as a result a new service, product, or opportunity that may not have existed before becomes available to us. Success breeds success and development encourages more development. Businesses in a cycle such as this continue to grow and thrive and so do the people of that community.

Today we send a big "Thank You!" out to Jolynn Atkins and all of the other Irvine Chamber members like herself who dedicate themselves to contributing to the growth and strength of our Irvine business community.

Please contact Jolynn Atkins if you are interested in learning more about the benefits of becoming an Irvine Chamber member.

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