Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Marching Forth on March Fourth with Grammar Girl

Happy National Grammar Day! Have you figured out how you are going to celebrate? Do you know what you will wear? Perhaps you've been waiting all year to wear your shirt that says, "Talk grammar to me, baby." Well today is your day and the Grammar Girl Website, hosted by Mignon Fogarty, is your source for all sorts of grammar goodies to get you through the day.

Do your friends and co-workers ever refer to you as the "grammar police"? Do you sometimes feel the urge to revise emails that you receive and send them back to their author so that the message can be rewritten properly? Do you cringe during certain lyrics as the blast from your radio?

"I can't get no satisfaction. I can't get no girl reaction." ~Rolling Stones

Well, the Stones certainly got Grammar Girl's reaction, but it probably wasn't quite the reaction they had in mind.

If any of the above ring true for you, then you should definitely join the fun and celebrate National Grammar Day along with the rest of your fellow grammarians. Follow Grammar Girl on Twitter so that you don't miss out on a moment of the grammar guru goodness. Grammar Girl will be keeping the celebration alive and giving away books throughout the day.

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