Monday, May 10, 2010

WANTED: Guest Bloggers

Please excuse the short blog for today. We are training a new hire (who will be featured in next week's blog). For today, we would like to throw a branch out there in hopes that our readers will grab on. We currently have a featured e-learning guest blogger, Jenise Cook, who dazzles us every third Monday of the month and are looking for other experts in training, development, OD, change management, project management, writing and editing. If you have a creative blogging voice, provide educational and interesting content, please let us know. We want to give our followers the most bang for their buck and to capture more readers. This is a volunteer assignment that will not only help our readers, but give you and your capabilities additional exposure. If you are someone you know would be interested, please email Jolynn Atkins, Manager of Consulting Solutions at for more information.

Thank you!

Our best,
The Escoe Bliss team

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