Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Next Chapter of Escoe Bliss

This year marks an exciting time for Escoe Bliss as we welcomed Nathan and Debra Rager to our corporate team! The Ragers are successful entrepreneurs with a track record of turning ideas into a thriving businesses.  

Escoe Bliss founder Dr. Adrienne Escoe was very selective in her search for a new owner who would continue her legacy and protect the culture and well known reputation of Escoe Bliss. Nathan Rager's experience and education embody the Escoe Bliss mission, values, and ethics that have been practiced since our establishment in 1994. 

As we welcome fresh faces to the team, our promise to provide "Talented People & Exceptional Service" continues to remain at the forethought of our daily operations and relationships. The Escoe Bliss team that you know remains intact with Jolynn Atkins as an executive leader and the same support staff who are always available and ready to assist. Together, we are excited about Escoe Bliss’ business expansion and developments for 2013 and the years ahead. 

Learn more about Nathan Rager in the Q&A below and connect with him on LinkedIn.

  1. Give us a brief description of your life prior to Escoe Bliss? 
    From a very early age I was involved with the day-to-day operations of the family business. Unlike most children my age who were busy with sports, the arts, or hanging out with friends, my free time was split between working in my family's state of the art meat processing facility or in the fields of the family’s commercial farm operation (founded in 1927 by my great-grandfather). In conjunction with my primary education, I was exposed to twenty years of a real-life education in business. My college years led me to Ohio State University and eventually into my first business venture. In 1994 I founded what would become a well-established and respected food service company. The primary mission was serving quality food products to clients. Those clients varied from Fortune 500 companies to locally owned factories, and included healthcare facilities and universities. In 2007 the company was purchased by a competitor with whom I spent the next three years managing the acquisition and change process.
  2. Which attributes initially drew you to Escoe Bliss and helped you decide that this was the right business opportunity?
    The existing and established business appealed to me on many levels. Escoe Bliss is a small business made up of knowledgeable, passionate, and energetic personalities, and from my perspective this provided a solid foundation for growth and future success.
  3. What can clients, consultants, and partners expect to see from Escoe Bliss looking forward into 2013?
    I have the utmost confidence in the established business model of Escoe Bliss and the ability of our team to continue to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and partners. I look forward to working from this well-established base to further develop and market the potential and capabilities of Escoe Bliss.
  4. What contributions are you looking forward to making to the Escoe Bliss team? 
    I am eager to meet all of our consultants and clients in an effort to further understand what we do right and what we can do better or differently to continue to meet and exceed their needs in the future.
  5. Just for fun. When you’re not working, what would we find you doing?
    I enjoy spending time with my wife (my high school sweetheart), Debbie, and our four children; Isaac, Eli, Micah, and Mia. I enjoy cooking but not cleaning, fresh lemonade but not lemons, college football but not college baseball, and a sense of humor but not a sense of entitlement. And finally, I prefer a pint of Guinness over a glass of wine.
Nathan and Debra along with the entire Escoe Bliss corporate team are looking forward to a bright future together. Our Escoe Bliss culture of respect, responsibility, and responsiveness will continue, and our goal of helping clients achieve project success through custom communication and training solutions remains our driving purpose and priority. Thank you for joining us as we turn the page and begin the next chapter of "Talented People...Exceptional Service!"

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