Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Connecting the Dots Between "Talented People...Exceptional Service"

If you've seen the home page of our website, our email signature or brand documents, two of the first things you will notice are our company name and motto. Our motto, "Talented People...Exceptional Service," does a great job of summing up who we are and what we do. What about the three dots in between? Those three dots are a quiet yet integral part of the Escoe Bliss brand and motto. They represent the communication and development that take a group of talented people and pull them together into a team that believes in and applies exceptional service every day to everyone the members interact with. Escoe Bliss doesn't have a patent on talented people. Talent is all around us. Talented people are reading this blog, sitting in your offices and conference rooms, and buying your products or services. 

The Escoe Bliss consulting team effectively connects the dots between your people and your service, whether internal or external. Our experts know the importance of each of those three dots, what they mean for your company, and how to transform a pool of talented people into an exceptional and engaged team.

This year the core team at Escoe Bliss headquarters is connecting our dots by utilizing an external, trusted strategic partner to facilitate continued team development and growth. Go Team consists of distinct training modules that can be employed precisely when they're needed -- a just-in-time program. The team can choose which modules will be most beneficial at any given time. We might start with a Setup for Success module (operational guidelines, purpose, goals, or roles), or push the team in areas of opportunity using a See You at the Top module (building trust, sharing leadership, managing change). There are modules that deal with ongoing challenges (communication, decision making, conflict resolution, and more). The program consists of eighteen modules in all, and you can repeat whenever and wherever needed.

To date, we have completed Getting Grounded in Team Basics, Establishing Team Purpose and Goals, and Building Team Trust modules. Each one has done an extraordinary job at leading our team toward thoughtful discussion and has helped create some very relevant outcomes for our current and future business needs and goals. Dedicating just a small amount of our time to the modules has yielded an enormous benefit. For detailed descriptions of the modules and helpful ideas for where your team can start, visit the Go Team website. If you'd like to hear more about our Go Team successes, why we can't wait for our next session, or to learn how to incorporate this custom training solution into your team building call or email us.

Blogging with Bliss contributor Regina Gormanly is Brand Ambassador & Project Coordinator at Escoe Bliss. She finds her bliss by writing and managing content for Escoe Bliss' social media. Regina's love of learning and communication are the driving forces behind her blogs.

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